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The most important people in our lives are our Family. We all want what is best for those around us that we love, but sometimes knowing what product really is the best, isn't always as easy as it would seem.

MUMSreview aims to offer information about new products on the market as well as we want to share things with you that might help make life just that little bit easier, like recipes and travel tips.

As well as products for Mum, Dad and the kids, we want to promote products, services and events that encourage family time. We see this event as a fantastic opportunity to showcase what is on offer in New Zealand and to encourage family to spend time together while encouraging profitable business relationships. 


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Goodbye Ouch
Goodbye Ouch has unique skin healing properties and is full of amazing natural ingredients
Reviews to come

Emperor of Thorns
Author: Mark Lawerence
ISBN : 9780007439058

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 Offers skincare products which are formulated by a collective of experienced dermatologists and bio-tech scientists natural ingredients

Reviews to come

New Baby Range  

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Craig Potton Publishing
Dolphins of Aotearoa
Living with New Zealand dolphins
Author: Raewyn Peart
ISBN : 9781877517983

Reviews to come

2 Cute
Doidy cup
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Every week, MUMSreview recognizes an extraordinary small business that we would love to share with our readers.
Starting each Saturday from February 1st, we will feature them both on our website and facebook page throughout the week and let you know about the quality products/service that the business provides as well as offering a giveaway






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