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MUMSreview is about to change itís name over to Family in Focus to better reflect what we want to provide to our readers
(Click the image below to be taken to the new website)

We have people working on the new website and we hope to be up and running fully within a couple of weeks.
Once fully operational, we plan to do a big Ďrevealí on the site which will consist of announcing new review products, giveaways and so much more. Itís going to fit great with Mothers Day as well.
Itís going to be great and we are really excited about it all so hope you will be too.

Family in Focus will not only provide the review side of things but will offer a family based website that can share other experiences that families look at. For example we are going to have recipes on the website and we are going to be working with a great chef to help us do this in a way that your average family can afford, and also have the capabilities to create. We will have a travel section with travel tips etc that can make travelling with a family a much easier experience. Plus a craft section, movie section and well, you get the idea

Family in Focus aims to offer information about new products on the market, and also offer reviews from other parents about the products as they come available. We offer honest opinions from people just like yourselves, people you know you can trust. This is going to be a fantastic opportunity to showcase what is on offer in New Zealand and to encourage family to spend time together while encouraging profitable business relationships

Our email will change to although the MUMSreview website/emails will be valid for a couple more months while we let everyone know what is going on

Many of you have been loyal supporters since day 1 and I hope you will continue to support us with the new branding. We have LOVED the last 3 years with you all and we thank you so much for all you have shared with us. 



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